Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"I dunno. It shouldn't be below -15 out there."


District picture after P day

Hello from a very cold Californian! Out here in good ol' Kirksville, I have witnessed a new natural phenomenon unseen previously by my mortal eyes. You see, the other night, it got so windy and snowy, that snow was flying everywhere and creating these crazy piles all over the place, with ridges along the top. Elder Ontiveros looked out the window on Sunday morning and said, "Hm. That's weird. It looks like there is a white shark fin sticking up out of the ground." I went over to see what he was talking about...I thought this only happened in the desert, but not so! I've now officially witnessed a SNOW DUNE!:) Just like the sand dunes in the sandy deserts, we have snow dunes in Missouri. This place is something else.

The temp gauge in the car this morning(not counting windchill.)

It got so cold last night and this morning that the Assistants sent out a text telling us that we should not go outside for more than 2 minutes total today. If we must attend an appointment, we are not allowed to walk, and we have to get a ride. Estimates were as bad as -40 degrees with windchill, but I didn't believe it. Elder Ontiveros and I were talking this morning, and he asked, "How cold do you think it really is?" With my incredible amount of knowledge about inclimate weather, I said words I thought I would never say. "I dunno. It shouldn't be below -15 out there."

Ridiculous. -15. Ridiculous. 

Never fear! I have cold weather gear. Between your financial help and Wal Mart, I'm warm enough in layers. Thanks for your concern though!

But! A cool story. I have this special love for the Chinese investigators and the Chinese people we have been blessed to teach. There is a young Chinese Truman Student we have started teaching who goes by the name of J*mes (When I asked him why, he said, "It's for J*mes Bond. He's so cool!"). We have been teaching him with another member and he came to church this Sunday, despite the ridiculous weather. I love these Chinese people! We knocked on his door, had a ten minute conversation with him and told him that he could know about if God is real if he prayed. We then asked, "Will you pray for us now?" And he said, "Now? Well, if God will answer me, sure I will pray!" He invited us in and knelt with us to pray. He is so cool! I don't know what it is. They develop faith so quickly. They are so willing to WORK for their faith. They grasp the concept that faith without works is dead, and we never even explain it! I love this guy already.

Elder Ontiveros and I are getting busier by the day. It's been ridiculous to see how blessed we have been to find all of these wonderful new brothers and sisters of ours here in Kirksville. I love these people! We are definitely still whitewashing, but we have been immensely blessed!

By the way, I keep realizing just how amazing Dad is day by day. I was studying how fathers have influenced their sons in the scriptures. I cross referenced 1 Nephi 1:1 and 2:16, Enos 1:1,3-4, and Alma 36:17-18. That is how I feel about Dad! I know that his influence is one that I will cherish forever. Dad, you are my hero. Brothers and sisters and family, follow his example. He's doing a fantastic job.

I love you all!

Elder Brown

P.S. I didn't have any pictures super missionary work related. I need to ask my investigators if we can take pictures with them more often... but here they are!

The elders in their cold gear

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