Sunday, January 12, 2014

Go, Tell it On a Mountain!

All this week, a song has been going through my head that I heard sometime before my mission. The song's main chorus is,
"Go tell it on a mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere,
Go tell it on a mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born."
Nothing made me happier than hearing that you set up an appointment with the sister missionaries to meet this young lady after the test examination. It was such a joy to me to hear that you were telling it on a mountain! Our one and only hope of eternal happiness, Jesus Christ, has come! We don't have to wait for the Atonement to occur any longer. We can simply take the message to all the world that "Jesus Christ is born"! And "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who bringeth good tidings..."(Mosiah 15:18). Dad, I wish I could be more like you! I hope you have received my letter.
This week was hard and good at the same time... if that is possible. The mission is jam packed with mixed emotions. We were dropped by our chinese investigator I was so excited about, as a result of his parents disapproval. They are funding his trip and college experience out from China, so he couldn't go against their will... It was likely one of the hardest nights of my mission. I was so sad.
But a miracle came out of nowhere as well! We knocked on this one lady's door (and she didn't seem too stoked, but accepting nonetheless) and after a few missed appointments, we asked if we could set up their Christmas tree with them. It worked! It was really fun and we set up an appointment to teach. The next night, we taught them the Restoration, and she cried through the whole thing practically. At the end, I asked her, "Sh*ila, what has the feeling been that has made you cry as we've been here?"
"Joy, peace, happiness. It's just a different atmosphere in the home. I haven't felt this in a long time. It's usually just chaos here."
We went back the next day and taught the plan of salvation, which she really enjoyed. After that we had a church tour, and she was going to come to church the next day, but Satan was at work, and there was a HUGE Ice storm! CHURCH WAS CANCELED! I have never before told an investigator NOT to come to church. It was a strange and hopefully one time event... haha
Well, Merry Christmas! Talk to you all in 2 days! I'm so excited to open up this massive stack of Christmas gifts! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Elder Brown

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