Thursday, January 9, 2014

Faith to Move Minivans!


Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all and I am so excited to talk to you in 10 days! I have so many cool miracles to report this week and not enough time to report them all. It's interesting to have only an hour to tell you about everything that has happened in a full week. That's a lot of hours to condense into one! But, I will do my best. I have narrowed it down to one huge miracles.

So it has been snowing quite a bit out here, and it's been a bit icy as of late. We had a lesson set up not to far from our apartment, and an older brother in the ward was going to bring us. He swung by and picked us up just a couple minutes early for us to be able to arrive on time at the lesson. We arrived on the street just on time, and looked around for a place to park. There was so much snow piled up all around we couldn't tell where a good place to park was! We finally decided to pull into the lady's driveway and park there for a time, but as we started to pull in, we misjudged our trajectory and went straight into a ditch which had been filled with snow... We were stuck! Elder Ontiveros used all of our manly strength to push the car from every angle we knew how, but we were stuck utterly. We had only an hour to talk with this lady and by the time all of this had occurred, it was already fifteen minutes past the time we were supposed to be there. I said a fervent prayer quickly in my mind asking God to move the van out of the ditch, and in less than a minute, 4 hillbillies pulled up in a big chevy and yelled out, "hey! Ya'll need some help?"

They quickly hooked up a chain to the back of the van and pulled it out in like 3 minutes. Right as they were getting back in the car, I asked Cl*nton (the chief hillbilly) where they were going. "Down to Wabash Street! We're taking these dogs back to grandma's place."

"Where is Wabash?" I asked.

"I think it's over that direction," He pointed west, "But I couldn't tell ya. All of the street signs are covered with snow, so we just turned down this way. I have no clue where we are."

God sent us hillbillies to move our minivan. He said he'd move mountains. I have just learned to stop asking how.

I'm out of time! I love you all!

Elder Brown.

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