Monday, January 12, 2015

Time for a Transfer


Well, six short months later, I've been asked to transfer. 3 transfers with Elder Kay, and one with Elder Wardell, and the Lord has decided to send me elsewhere. I have been pretty subdued with my emotions this transfer. I'm really really going to miss the Loves, and they've done more for me than I could have possibly expected. I've seen their family weather trials with patience. I've seen a new Bishop struggle to find balance in a new ward. I've seen a very pregnant mother work carefully for the welfare of her six little kids, two crazy missionaries, and a 17 year old recent convert that they've opened their home to. I've seen that recent convert take the gospel and embrace it, putting it fully into practice in a life that was once far different than what he lives today.

It seems unfair that I'll miss the birth of their 7th child by a matter of 4 days. Sister Love has her baby scheduled to be due on the Tuesday after transfers. I've been begging her to just have the baby today so I can at least see her. Turns out the doctors don't care too much about my opinion... Who would have thunk! I think, as a roommate of the family, I should at least get some sort of decision making power, right? Well, not so.

On the bright side of things, things are looking up in Quincy. I hope to leave as much behind me as I can. I didn't do much of that in Davenport, and I hope to be able to do more here. Elder Wardell is a marvelous finder, so it has been fun to find new investigators with him. I often wonder if I accomplished the Lord's vision for Quincy, and I can't help but feel like I've accomplished what He called me here to do. Let it be in His hands. He has called me here, and he has called me away. 

I love this work! I've decided that wherever I am transferred, be it Kirksville, Davenport, Fort Madison, Des Moines, or Chico, California, I will be the servant of the Lord. I want to echo President Monson's words, "I want the Lord to know that if He ever needs an errand run, He can depend on Brett Brown."

Elder Brown