Monday, March 9, 2015

The Week


This week was great. We had our Mission Leadership Council meeting in Iowa City, and then our Zone Training Meeting here in Clinton. It was so fun to be around the whole zone. I don't know if I mentioned this to you last week, but I have been working really hard to not be so selfish. It's been a large tendency of mine across my life. It just makes you miserable when all you think about is yourself. You are always worried about what you are going to say next or what other people think of you or what you look like or what type of missionary you are. If it's not that, you are the opposite side of the same scale, convinced that you are the greatest, or that your testimony is so strong, or that you are grateful the Lord made you so wonderful and yada yada yada. Well, I've been really really trying hard to focus more on others whenever I feel a need to think about myself.

Let me tell you, it's changed my whole outlook! I love it.

Hm. That's kind of ironic. I just wrote a whole paragraph about me and how selfless I've become.

I hope that came out right.

Anyway, this week was a ton of preparations for the baptism of Jesse and Tanya. They are ready! Tanya just needs to be interviewed and they are as good as gold. It should be a really fun weekend as we prepare for the baptism. It has been remarkable to see the changes that have taken place in that lady, and how open and willing the ward has been in accepting their little family. I can't lie and say that Tanya's Huntington's Disease doesn't cause a large struggle for the ward members, but I haven't once heard someone complain. We had an extensive discussion on how we could make it possible for her to feel welcomed and loved in all classes during our ward council. This ward is really really incredible.

So, we'll be spending a lot of time close to them as we help them to remain strong for the baptism this weekend. Thank you for your prayers!

That's what is happening in Clinton this week. The Lord continues to move His work forward. I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Love you all!
Elder Brown

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