Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't get me Trunky!


You all are going to be the death of me! I love that you are excited for me to return, but I am still full of energy to work and time to do so! I'm really trying to be all that the Lord needs me to be. This is a strange request, but can you not mention me coming home in emails or letters unless I need to be involved in a decision?

I just don't want to regret this last few transfers. They should be the most effective of my entire mission.

But! Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see you all when the time is right, but I'm just grateful to be out here in the first place! :)

Alright, now for updates. Tanya and Jesse are still on date for the 14th of March, as is Zouzou. Tanya is solid as a rock for her date, and the others are progressing steadily, giving me gray hairs, just like usual. The good thing is that my hair isn't falling out like it was in Quincy! Missions do really weird things to your body. I feel like my spine is compressed because of how much my sidebag pulls on it. I think I'm crooked by now!

I officially sent home Elder Leavitt this week! He's a goner, back to Las Vegas. I traded him in for the newer model, Elder Swainston, from Las Vegas! Isn't that weird? I was Elder Swainston's first zone leader when he entered the mission in Davenport, and now I'm his companion! He is a really diligent worker. I love him already, and we have had tons of fun together. We already taught this crazy nutso guy who talked about how he would've been a member of the church if the people in Juab county in Utah would have taught him the gospel. He was not having any of the lesson we were trying to teach him. It was weird. 

But if you went two whole years without teaching a few crazies, you wouldn't have a single good story to tell, now would you?

In other news, I'm really excited about this new guy we're teaching named Bill. He is a really old guy who smokes like a chimney, but he is desperate to be cleansed of his sins. He is struggling to overcome his vices, but we're helping him out.

That's all for this week! Love you!

Elder Brow

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