Monday, February 2, 2015



This week... what happened this week? I can hardly remember what occurred by the time I sit down to write an email...

Well, I know for a fact that I got a SPEEDING TICKET on Monday night. I was pretty frustrated by that. It taught me a good little lesson about Justice and Mercy. Justice is a true principle! I'm going to have to take traffic school when I get back home... sigh. I've got $120 worth of justice hanging over my head right now.

It caused me to reflect a little bit about how the world is nowadays. There is a lot of "relativism" or ideas of "it doesn't apply to me". I can't tell you how much the phrase "It just doesn't fit what I believe" is said to missionaries. We teach and we teach that truth is truth, and God can help you see what that truth is and apply it in your life(The most difficult part of repentance is changing the fundamental core of what you believe. That's why it requires you to have enough faith to know that God knows better than you do.), but still people seem to think that they are their own higher power.

But, think about it, so do we an awful lot of the time. I do it WAAAY too much.

I guess the ticket just goes to show this. Is the consequence for speeding immediate? No, not really. I don't have to pay the ticket for another month.

If I convinced myself that it wasn't that bad and that the judge would be merciful, would it automatically happen? Nope. "For Justice cannot be denied..."(Jacob 6:10)

There is your doctrinal discourse for the week:)

In news of my life, the inhaler is working miracles! I'm feeling soooo much better. I can walk around outside without a hitch anymore. My singing voice is still non-existent though. It hurts a LOT to sing.

We found a beautiful little family this week. We were walking down the street and talked to an 18 year old kid named Jesse as he was coming home from school. He told us where he lived and invited us to come to his home later that evening. We arrived at his home at the appointed time and when we met his mother, we were dumbfounded. His mother's motor movements were jerky and her speech was halted. Jesse was almost certainly her caretaker. We never got a clear answer for why, but we heard them discussing something about a car accident.

As we visited with them, there was a sweet spirit that permeated the entire home. You could tell that these were people that God had His had over. Jesse could not take care of him mom alone, especially not with school and other things. She needed much more help than just he could provide, but you could tell that there was some other source of help in action. It was divine and we felt overwhelmed with gratitude that we had been led to this family. They accepted a baptismal date of Mar 14th.

I love this work! I promise you that I will not slacken! I'm doing my best to remain humble and show the Lord that I want to help in his work.

I love you!
Elder Brown

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