Sunday, September 29, 2013

No rain, but a whole lotta water!:)


My 13 year old buddy in the branch whose last name is also Brown. I let him wear one of my name tags...

We had another baptism! L*vi got baptized on Saturday, and that was sooooo neat. We found L*vi about 2 months ago when we knocked on the door of a less active man and his family, and Levi came out and said, "hey guys, I want to be baptized!"

So what did we say?!
"No way! Find another church!"
Just kidding!:)  After a moment of stunned silence where our mouths hanging open, We said, "Well you asked the right people!"

Baptismal font in Nauvoo 

Now two months later, Levi is a member of the Lord's church on the earth. We had such an amazing baptism for this 9 year old boy, where he bore his testimony and talked about how he wanted to "be closer to God and live a longer life." At first when we started to teach him, I was pretty nervous that he would get baptized and then fall away just like his dad, but as he was up there talking, I felt the Spirit testifying that one day, L*vi would be leading a ward or branch and helping others to come to Christ. He might have a tough road ahead of him, but he will make it. He's on the Lord's side now.
L*vi and us and his grandpa!

Dad, I love the picture of mom's grave. We knocked on the door of a lady whose name was Cindy the other day, and I couldn't help but tell her how wonderful mom was and is. She wasn't interested, but I really loved that minute connection that I had with her. How are you doing with everything?
Seeing Mom's grave makes it a little bit more real. It's still hard to imagine she isn't around anymore, but I know that she sure isn't GONE! We have been giving people tours of the church building, where we take them through different rooms and share the Plan of Salvation with them. Each time we enter Spirit Paradise, I feel strongly that Mom is doing the same work. She's telling them about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring! Those things are eternal. Those things matter.
So Shaun gets home this week huh? How weird... tell him I love him a lot and he is super great. I really look up to Shaun a lot. He is one of the reasons I know that this mission is possible and this mission can be a blast! Shaun knows how to have fun, and I know that he made the mission one of the most fun things for each one of his companions.
That's something that I struggle with a bit. What do you suggest for having fun? I feel like with training I should try to be serious and help my companion to focus a little bit more, but at the same time, I get tunnel vision and I hate every minute if I do that! I really want to be able to have fun!!!! I need to learn to do the Lord's work in a way that allows me to be really happy, and also be really effective. I think a few laughs along the way will increase my effectiveness.
Tell me more about the waterski trip!
What is Brooklyn learning about in Kindergarten?
I love the letters I get from each one of you guys! They are pretty funny, especially the one from Brooklyn and Chase about how aliens took over our pool...:)
The gospel is true! Study it each day. I love you all!
Elder Brown

PS Pictures are of me and  Also a picture of the Baptismal font in Nauvoo and one of Levi and us and his grandpa!

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