Saturday, August 31, 2013

Here I am!


Dad, I really really loved to get that letter from President Davis about what a stellar missionary you were. That really gave me a boost and made me want to be better! Also, you must be in super good shape. I can't believe these distances you are telling me! Is it pretty hard to keep the yard up without a lot of help from the kids anymore?

So for this week, it is only 3 days until transfers, and Elder Adamson is going home! I feel like I'm going to mess up Fort Madison really badly, especially since they decided to have me train... Me. The missionary who has been out three months. To train. mmhmm. Great. Elder Adamson has described this change as "the blind leading the blind." Good thing Christ has healed a few of those in His time;)

Elder Adamson and I spoke in church yesterday on sacrifice. It was really funny, because when the Branch Presidency member was introducing us, he said, "our two speakers for the day both have the same first name!" meaning "Elder". Then I stood up to give my talk and told everybody that we had the same REAL first name! meaning Brett. It was pretty funny.

Most of the week has been the same ol same ol though. We have been working with quite a few less actives, and trying to find new investigators. Knocking doors is always kind of a fun experience because you NEVER know what is behind that door. We did knock on this one guy's door, and he opened the door and said "What can I do for you two?" "Well!" We responded, "we are sharing a message..." He quickly cut us off and said, "Not with me you're not!" Bang.

Then, a little later on, we knock on this door and somebody inside yells, "Oh man! The Jehovah Witnesses!" The guy was pretty nice though. Just a little disinterested. But let me tell you! When somebody thinks you are a Jehovah Witness, it feels like plain old Identity Theft. But I guess that's just our cross to bear!

I love you guys a whole lot, and I am really starting to love the mission. I have met so many great people and continue to meet them. I finally feel comfortable wearing a name tag and doing missionary work all day! It really is the most fulfilling work.


Elder Brown

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