Friday, August 16, 2013

Boy, do I love you guys!!

Well Howdy!

Here I am again, still on a mission. Just in case you forgot, I'm in Iowa. Well, that about covers our review section for the day!
Just to start off, thank you sooooo much for all of the emails that I got! I loved them all! I'm sad to hear that Brooke and Lyle are leaving for Sacramento, but I'm sure they are going to have so much fun living with Aunt Becky. And Brooke, you are such a great missionary! I had no idea that you have been going out with the missionaries! That will bless your life so much. Missionaries NEED member help. Finding a good member to accompany you is like finding a paddle on a rowboat. You need it to be able to really GO anywhere. I have felt the blessings of member missionaries as I have worked with Rh*nda. She's getting baptized on Saturday, and she has asked me to perform the ordinance! But her baptism has largely been accomplished by her neighbor, a member of the church who has become her best friend! This wonderful sister has been an answer to desperate prayers for help. Thank you for your efforts, and keep it up! The missionaries need you.
Michael, I'm excited for your new job! Let me know how Full-Timin' it goes for you! Let me tell you, knocking on doors isn't gonna help if you want to sell your accounting services. You should make an area book. That'll do the trick! Pass it on to future accountants so they can see your "formers, potentials, and such." Finding is the best when you have a good area book! hahaha
Dad, I love to get Mom's letters each week. Those always come in such good time. I love to hear from you and to hear about you training for the triathalon. Brooke says you are in really good shape! Are you getting buff?! It's fun to hear about Caleb crawling around everywhere:)
OK! News for the week. This week I learned a ton. A ton a ton a ton. I have really felt humbled this week. We've had a couple lessons that I just tried to wrestle with the whole time, and I just wouldn't allow the Spirit to take over, so naturally, they didn't go anywhere. It's hard to do this because every time I think I've finally got missionary work, I get another curve ball. But I'm learning, I think. I keep praying that the Lord will keep me around. I know I'm still pretty unreliable, but I'm trying. The hard part is that I really felt prepared, but I still struggle to apply the things that I'm learning. But He will help me. "I know in whom I have trusted" as Nephi says.
I went on an exchange with Elder Austin, my Zone Leader, and we went finding for most of the day. He is such a good missionary. I love that guy! He taught me that you HAVE to be yourself if you are doing missionary work. People don't respond to robots. I'm not sure if you've noticed ever, but I tend to be a bit robotic at times... NO MORE! I want to change so desperately. I want to turn myself over to the Lord, but it is hard work. It's like Brooke said in her letter when she quoted Elder Anderson, "Repentance is a journey." And so it is.
I love you all! I know the gospel is true, and no one can truly improve their life without it. Keep your faith burning bright, and the Master will mold you into a new creature. Jeremiah 18:6.
All the love that I have,
Elder Brown

PS. As for these pictures, it's amazing how much facial hair you can grow in between 9 30 and 10 30 PM. Just some pictures of our "9 o clock shadow."

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