Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The only number better than one...

Dear Family,

Does anyone want to venture a guess at how long this Elder has been in the mission field? Anyone? Do I hear 1 month? Sorry, you are a little short. Oh! Someone said 6 weeks? sorry, try again... Hold on... I just heard someone say...

Haha! I just hit my two monther today! I am soooo old. I'm practically molding by now. As for my trainer, I think he actually IS molding. He only has one transfer left! He is such a great missionary. Elder Adamson has really helped me to latch onto missionary work with an enthusiastic zeal that I didn't think could really come this quickly. I am really starting to have fun.
Now, Dad, I'll answer your questions.
My view of Jesus Christ has not changed all too much since I arrived in the mission field. I guess more than anything, my understanding of how to REACH Christ is the thing that has changed. I have always known in my heart that He is there, that He lives, and that He loves us. I guess the thing that I didn't understand was how I was to get that understanding from my head to my heart. All my life I thought that if there is a will, there is a way, and it was all about just wanting it badly enough. But it's not. Before if you asked me the question, "Is there really just one way to come unto Christ?" I probably would have answered no, but I think I finally get it. 2 Nephi 31 teaches the Doctrine of Christ, or the path that we need to take in order to continually ACCESS the Atonement. This is the only way to truly get to Him and feel His power in its divine abundance. I encourage you all to study it deeply. We have all read it before, but focus on getting it from your head to your heart.
The most pleasurable part of my missionary routine is sleeping and eating. It's the only "worldly fun" you get to have on a mission... hahaha just kidding. My favorite feeling is when you sit down in sacrament meeting and your investigators come into the building. It's like all of your work that week actually amounted to something! They had enough faith to get up and come to the house of the Lord.
As for the New Testament, I have found many insights there, but I'll have to report on that later. I'm really trying to get through Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon before I hit my second transfer.
I love this work though! Rh*nda, our wonderful friend that is so stinking prepared, accepted a date for baptism this past week. It was incredible! During our lesson on the Plan of Salvation, she practically taught US the Premortal life. Not to mention, she read 2 Nephi 2 and said, "You know, it was so great to see that somebody FINALLY got it right! I think the Mormons are the ones who actually get it!" She came to church for the first time on Sunday and had great comments in Relief Society! People were crying when she told a story! Well, at least that's what I heard. I don't typically attend Relief Society...;) She is a miracle. Elder Adamson always says she is "Gold as the gold plates, Elder!"
Dad, I love the letters from Mom. They have strengthened me immensely. I want to share my testimony of how REAL the Plan of Salvation is. I have been prompted by the Spirit to share my account of mom's passing WAY more often than I am really comfortable with, but it has strengthened my testimony. It's not just some story that makes people feel better when their family passes. It's a pathway to Exaltation. It's a journey back HOME. "Believe in God; Believe that He is... Believe that He has all wisdom and all power, both in heaven, and on earth..." (Mosiah 4:9)

I beg each of you, at home, for your prayers. People in this world are sitting in darkness and they don't even know it. Share what you have! It is powerful. Share this pathway so we all can get back home together.


Elder Brown


  1. Elder Brett Brown,(my California son!),

    You're my hero! We love ya and we miss you! I know your Mom is soooo proud of you and I have to admit I was worried when you didn't come home for her funeral, but you're Brett, and in our house Brett knows what he's doing and what he's doing is what's right! Know you're in all the Boyles' hearts!

    Hugs from us all,(mostly me!)