Friday, July 5, 2013

July 1st: Spiritual light bulb

   Iowa is having a cool down! It's been about 80 degrees with a breeze lately. We've had some nutso rain and windstorms though, let me tell you. I've loved to get all of the different letters and bits of mail from people I never expected to hear from right away! I love how supportive and loving everyone has been. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
   President Jergensen is gone... He and his wife left Saturday night for home. President Jensen is here! How exciting is that? I'm super sad to see President Jergensen go, but I'm glad he gets to see his family after these three long years. We have Zone Conference on Thursday so I'll meet President Jensen then.
    I love to hear all of the news at home! I'm curious, are most of my friends at college or on missions now? Who is still at home?
   Did Kate and Brayden take over my old room? How is school and the new job going? How big are Caleb and Brooklyn now?
   Is Gwen huge? Is she wearing makeup yet? Giving speeches at graduation?;)
   What is the plan for Brooke and Lyle? when do they head off for Sacramento?
   And finally, Dad. YOU SENT THIS EMAIL AT 1 13 AM!? You are a crazy man! I'll bet you were awake at 5 the next morning too... haha

   I love you all so much! This week was pretty neat. There is this older lady in her late 60s who is a less active member, and she hasn't been to church for probably 40 years. Her and her husband are members, and we have been working with her grandkids and her. SHE CAME TO CHURCH! The past two weeks she has come and absolutely loved the experience. In fact, we visited her after church, and she looked like she was lit up inside with a spiritual light bulb! Man, it's amazing to see her changing, just with two times of church. The sacrament has real, incredible power of healing and access to the Atonement. She said, "I just feel closer. Closer to God."
   To those who have written me and I haven't written back, know that I still love you! We can only write on P days, and it's really hard to find time. I have like six letters halfway finished. Be patient with me...:)
   I spoke in church on Sunday in our little branch, and the Spirit testified of something really special to me. I was taught by two amazing parents. My testimony was developed by careful nurture of these two marvelous people. Dad, I could not be who I am without your incredible support. Same goes for mom. The hardest times of my life are nothing when I look at the family God gave me.
   Know that the Gospel is true. I testify of that with every ounce of my body. Know that God lives. Know that the Atonement is real. Jesus Christ suffered for YOU. Not for the world as just a collective mass, He spent time suffering for YOU. Every pain. It wasn't your life in fast forward. He was there for every second of it. That's how He can know us. That's how He can succor, or "run to aid" us.
   I love you and pray for you always.
Elder Brown

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