Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 10th: Fort Madison Iowa, Book of Mormon handout!

   I hope you know that I loved EVERY SINGLE LETTER! Thank you so so so much for all writing me! I definitely needed the strength and courage that all of you are showing. Give Momma some love for me:)
   I'm gonna write one big group email, but I love the package I got for my birthday! I made the Jello, and I hope to make the Gluten free cookies soon! Elder Adamson and I already ate ALL of the Butterfingers, and I didn't open the package til Saturday morning... I'm a fatty. No big deal.
   As for if we did anything special for my birthday, the answer is heck yes! We ate like a whole tub of ice cream! It was awesome! Once again... I'm a fatty. BUT! We had a miracle on my birthday! President and Sister Jergenson(who are fantastic! I love them and feel so much support from them with Mom) wrote me a card for my birthday and challenged me to hand out a Book of Mormon. So, I took it to heart. I knelt down on Saturday morning and set a goal with Heavenly Father that I would hand out that Book if it killed me! Well, it nearly did. Some crazy drunk guy started yelling at us while we were talking to a Potential Investigator. He was way cool. But! The whole day we were going from one appointment to another and just couldn't seem to find time to do some finding... I started to think, "Well, maybe I'll just have to share the MESSAGE of the Book of Mormon with someone, because everyone we're talking to already has one..." Doubting Thomas nearly took over. BUT! I prayed hard again that I would be able to hand it out!
   So, We had an appt with a less active lady named Sister *lynn. We were going to talk to her about the importance of church attendance, but when we got there, her online boyfriend had come up to meet her, and boy was he awesome! *ommy from Louisiana. My mind suddenly went into overdrive. He was prepared and interested in the Book of Mormon. We shared what we were planning, but as we talked to them, the Spirit kept nudging me to talk about the Restoration. So, out poured the story. We both bore our testimonies on the Restoration and I invited *ommy to read the Book of Mormon. He accepted! I gave it away! I have a testimony that if we set a goal in faith, the Lord will do miracles to make them happen.
   I have met so many amazing people, but looks like you'll have to wait two years to hear the unabridged version. I'm keeping my journal every night! no worries.
   Now, about my Companion. Drumroll please.... udududududududu
   Elder BRETT Adamson! Crazy right? We're practically twins. He's been out for 21 months! I'm his last companion. I'm a bit sad about that, cause I really like him. He's from *arrie, ID, and he loves the work! He has kept me so busy, and he loves to work hard. It's great to have a trainer who is so into it all, but he helps me know that I don't have to be a robot. He's awesome. He's the one in the picture.
   The picture on the bottom is of me offering a Book of Mormon to a dead bat we found on some stairs.
   Oh! Where I live. It's in the far southeast corner of IA. It's called Fort Madison, about a 15 minute drive from the temple. We get to go see the pageant! I'm stoked about that. I met Elder *hamberlain! He was way cool, and I told him to give my best to the family.
   My house is pretty cool. It's old and super skinny, but way cool. We sleep in this loft thingie... And! just in case you were worried about the endangered species known as the cockroach, worry no longer! Turns out all of them were hiding in our house.
   Well, that's it! Love you tons. I'm sad I can't be there to hang out with everyone, but I'm working hard, so expect blessings.
    I have no doubts anymore. The church is true. Never forget that. Never.
 Elder Brown

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