Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May 29th: MTC Captain James T. Kirk

   I'm still lovin it here! We ship out on June 5th, or Wednesday for those of you who are not quite as calendarly savvy. After that, I am officially an Iowan, and will join the Iowan hall of fame to stand alongside Captain James T. Kirk, the world's biggest ball of yarn... and that's it. There is nothing else famous out there. BUT! Soon, I'll be there, so then the hall of fame will be overflowing with greatness! haha
   We've had such an awesome week here. Dad, I loved talking to you this past week, and I'm going to include a little letter for you to read out for mom if you can. As for my lovely brothers and sisters, I love you all too!
   So, biggest miracle was this. Our investigator's name is *ric. He's from Chicago, and he is REALLY well versed in the Bible. He has such a strong faith in Christ and wants to follow him. He goes to BYU and he is black. I really like him. However! His questions were super hard because he knew so much. The first lesson, we just kinda got to know him. Elder Allred and I answered his questions as well as we could, but we still had a little bit of difficulty. I really felt my patriarchal blessing coming true though, cause it says, "you need never be misled by outward appearances, for the Spirit will school you in getting to the heart of the matter". There were a few moments where *ric would try to pull us into a discussion on faith and works, where he knew we would get trapped, but the Spirit practically put a billboard on them, and showed us how to dig deeper into what he was really asking. At the end of the lesson, he asked, "Do we really need ordinances to be saved? And if we do, is it really necessary that they are done by authority?" I was stumped. I knew we needed it, but I didn't know how to explain it, and we were out of time. I wrote down his question and told him I would study it.
   As I studied and prayed my guts out for the next two days, I think I got my answer. When we went to meet with him again, Elder Allred just let me talk... I told him to pray for me the WHOLE time, because I was about to link in the Book of Mormon at the end, and he had been pretty opposed to it at the beginning. I'll tell you what. A miracle occurred. We brought in scriptures and everything we had to that lesson. Dad, that was Wednesday. The same day you called me. I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't distracted. I have NEVER felt so much like I was being guided before. *ric didn't ask questions this time. He just sat and soaked it in. Elder *llred and I testified and then linked in the Book of Mormon. Then, I felt the distinct impression to share what had happened after I talked to you, namely the peace that I felt from reading the Book of Mormon. I want to be sure you understand though... I didn't do it. It was all the Spirit. I've never felt more like an instrument before in my life. I love the Lord.
But. I was EXHAUSTED right after he said he would read the Book of Mormon. I'm dead. haha I loved it though. We just basked in the Spirit for a moment after.
In other news! My companion and my roommates have really stepped up to love me more this week as everything's been going on. My teachers both helped out and my brother teacher gave me a much needed hug, but I am being led by the Spirit. Help me to know how I can help more!
Dad, if you can read this to Mom please.
"Momma! I love you soooooo much! I hope you know that. I'm excited to be out here on a mission, and I want you to know how big of an example you are to me. Never worry about me, cause I'm a servant of our God. I'm safe in His hands. I know that you are too. Doesn't it feel great to be encircled in His love? I can feel your spirit as I write this. I know you love me, and I'm working my tail off! Your son, Brett"
Looks like my camera is being dumb. Sorry! hopefully pictures next week!
Elder Brown

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