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I think that the post office had to shut down production because of you guys this past week! You are all so wonderful! Let me tell you, even though I couldn't be there for the wedding and reunion, I have never felt so included or had so many different people talk to me! I loved all of the letters that you sent my way to help me feel present with the wedding. I can't believe how big everyone has gotten. I definitely thought the picture of Bexley and Jonas was a picture of Maddie and Noah. Maddie and Noah must be giants by now if Bex is that big, and Jonas is a baby no longer!

I had a veritable flood of letters thanks to you, and I needed a couple minutes to read them all, and so I had my companion drive today. It was so cool to be able to read them! I felt such a strong spirit as I thought about how we will all be together forever. I'm really excited for that:)

So! Some great news! Betty came to church this week! She is a 78 year old lady that we met when we knocked on her door. She is a marvelous seeker of truth. She told us so much about how good she feels as she reads the Book of Mormon and ponders about it. She has already read all of 1 Nephi in the first week she has had the book! I feel like I'm teaching my own Grandma because I feel so much love for her. I got to sit next to her in church and sing with her. Turns out she can sight read music, so she didn't even need me. But, somehow, opening up our hymn books turned into a race! She beat me two times and got to the hymn faster than I did, but no worries, I soundly defeated her the other two hymns. She didn't stand a chance. We settled for a tie, and were 2 for 2 by the end of Sacrament meeting.

No worries. We paid attention to the talks as well! We introduced her to our Bishop shortly after the meeting, and without prompting, she said, "I feel good here!" to which he replied, "Well, you are welcome anytime!"

She now has a baptism date for October 11th.

Something I learned this week though, quite unexpectedly... Satan is so powerful these days. He will do ANYTHING to destroy a family or a soul. We've had so many disappointing let downs this week with a wonderful family that dropped us and a recent convert relapsing into alcoholism to one of my favorite recent converts in Davenport distancing himself from the church slowly.

Know this, if we don't actively fight his influence and "become a new creature", Satan's power is too much for us. I am only so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ which makes us strong enough to fight back. So, moral of the story, don't you EVER think you know enough to keep you safe. Rely on the Lord. He'll support you and guide you!

I love you!

Elder Brown

Picture: A mouse in our house! 

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